MG Media's properties include over 200 consumer websites and blogs designed to deliver current information to the thousands of users that visit our network every month. MG Media is comprised of several divisions, leveraging the company's publishing, technological and search marketing expertise to build and grow a unique and innovative portfolio.

MG Media's years in the industry have allowed us to develop close relationships with the major players and stay on top of emerging trends and technologies. MGM has also developed its own proprietary technologies to direct its search engine marketing capabilities and keyword management. MGM Agency provides clients with the opportunity to put our expertise in SEO and SEM to work for their sites.


MG Media has published high quality websites since 2008. Our properties provide targeted consumer information in five main categories: Technology, Finance, Education, Home & Garden and Lifestyle. Our portal-style websites take a broad approach to these topics, covering a wide range of subjects in one site, while our highly focused portfolio and niche sites focus on providing in-depth coverage in specific areas.